Family Office

Family wealth management

Who we are

Genesis is a Colombian company, founded in Bogotá in 1997, that offers Family Office services.

What is a Family Office?

A Family Office is an organization in charge of comprehensively managing the different items related to families’ wealth by covering the fields of knowledge involved in its administration. Its operation requires the abilities of professionals in several disciplines who work together for the exclusive benefit of the family´s wealth.

What we do

We advise our clients on the comprehensive management of their wealth, with the objective of preserving its value and, in due course, increasing it. We prepare its transfer to the following generations in a harmonic family environment.

Our service includes the following:

Planeación financiera

Financial Planning

Decisions related to our clients’ wealth management are supported by sophisticated analysis, through which we estimate the impact and consequences of those eventual decisions, issuing recommendations according to the client’s specific needs.

Estate Planning

The process whereby wealth is transferred to the next generation is complex, dynamic, and requires permanent guidance. Our team has the experience and knowledge to advise the design and execution of the estate strategy convenient for each client.

Family Governance

We advise on the development of the set of rules that will guide family relationships and the decision-making process regarding economic issues. We provide permanent support in the interpretation and implementation of said rules.

Financial Education for Family

The long-term consolidation of assets depends to a certain extent on the financial acumen of the family members. Our team permanently supports the necessary training and updating processes to develop the required skills.

Investment Analysis*

We support our clients in the understanding of different investment opportunities, through independent and free-of-conflict-of-interest analysis, built through a stringent due diligence process and economic and legal viability studies, which facilitate the client’s decision-making process.

Management of the Vehicle which consolidates Family Wealth

Many wealthy families have a corporation or vehicle which consolidates most of their wealth. At Genesis we take care of all the operational and administrative issues of this vehicle. Meanwhile, clients can focus their energies doing what they enjoy the most.

Accounting and Financial Information

We produce timely accounting information which accurately reflects the economics of the family’s wealth. This allows the compliance of its obligations, and facilitates the decision-making process.

Tax Planning Assistance

Tax decisions made by our clients are based on rigorous analysis of the current regulatory framework and its potential amendments, sensitivity analysis on decision variables and consolidation of the recommendations from tax experts present both in Colombia and abroad.

Corporate and Legal Coordination

We work together with the best advisors, experts in specific topics that allow us to comply with the different legal and corporate requirements on wealth structures, providing the client with comprehensive advice with a multidisciplinary approach.

* Genesis does not provide services deemed as financial intermediation services or securities intermediation by Colombian regulations and it is not subject to the surveillance of the Colombian Financial Superintendence. Genesis may support its clients with the understanding of financial products and services offered by financial institutions under surveillance of the Colombian Financial Superintendence. Advisory activities offered by Genesis include specialized advice excluded from securities intermediation activities set forth in Decree 2555 of 2010. Our services do not include the offering of services or advice on securities registered in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers. Genesis does not promote products or services from foreign financial institutions.

Why we do it

Families with substantial wealth are frequently challenged by the complexities of its management.  Their wealth management implies a burden that could lead them astray from their main objectives, affect their quality of life and generate family conflicts.  In many occasions, the lasting of family wealth depends on the suitability and experience of its advisers.

How we do it

• We offer customized, permanent and comprehensive assistance.

• We put at your service Finance professionals with theoretical and practical knowledge in Accounting, Law, Business and Wealth Management.

• We build long-term bonds of trust with our clients based on rigorous principles of transparency, ethics, credibility and honesty, taking utmost care of preserving the confidentiality of their information.

• We do not carry conflicts of interest.  Our sole source of income is our client and we concentrate ourselves on defending only his interests.

• We provide to our clients consolidated management information on their wealth, presented in comparative and analytical formats to facilitate their decision-making process. The client takes the decisions based on the criteria and tools we offer.